Commitment- The Foundation of Blessings


Home Page PictureThe thing that must be looked at first in the foundation of relationships is what works  and what doesn’t.  Let me just say that any kind of lasting prosperous relationship must be based upon commitment.  Now, before you write me off as a straight-laced, narrow-minded person let me explain.

Anyone who works a 40 hour a week job understands the value of commitments.  Usually when someone hires onto a job they are told what the relationship will involve.  Often it will include health benefits, hourly wage or possibly a salary.  Whatever the relationship, it is established at the first and when it is followed by both parties involved, things go great or at least they go.  Have you ever started a job only to find that things were in fact different?  How many of us would feel blessed to be promised something only to find that it wasn’t really going to be that way?  Well, the answer is self evident.  When payday comes and there is no paycheck, things can get very shaky very quickly.  When you go to the doctor and are told your insurance is not in force the next step is the job classifieds, if you know what I mean.  Am I still straight-laced and narrow-minded on this?

If we were to look at this concerning any kind of relationship we would quickly see that the very fabric of our society hinges on this word commitment.  Some have made the case that commitment is just something which restricts our freedoms.  No commitments, more freedom.  More commitments, less freedom, right?  Well, what if you are a salesman with a goal of making $100,000.00 per year?  Would commitments from potential customers be important to you?  You bet they would!  Would you be able to make that much money from customers if you were not willing to fulfill your commitment to them?  No way.  Who would be foolish enough to pay for something they would never get?  You see, anything that is stable must be based on commitments. 

The stronger the commitments the stronger the relationship.  The best car dealership in our area boasts that “Our commitment doesn’t end at the sale.”  They have the best service in the country when it comes to their cars.  Because of this they sell more cars and have happier better relationships and obviously make more money than other dealerships.  Does this make sense?  What if the police officers failed on their commitment to protect us?  What if hospital workers decided not to do their jobs?  Would you fly on an airplane in which the pilot didn’t follow through and check the fuel gauge before taking off?  Get my point?

Are you committed in your relationships?  You can find out by going a quick study entitled “Living Together Outside of Marriage” .  In it you will see what the Word of God has to say about commitment and how it can bless your life.

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“But the Lord is faithful, who shall stablish you, and keep you from evil.” 2 Thes. 3:3 (KJV) 


Greg Wirths

Focus on Freedom

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